After visiting Tokyo and Kyoto, it was time to head over to what was once the capital of Japan.  It was just a quick visit, but boy, was it worth it.


One of the first things that I had noticed upon arriving in Osaka was that the streets were not as clean as they were in Tokyo and Kyoto.  This is not to say that its was dirty in any way, as it was incredibly clean.  It was simply an observation that daily street maintenance was not a perfect as I expected.  This to me is a indication that Osaka has a large population of both locals and tourists.  A busier town for sure.

Our journey started with our hostel, The Dian Hotel, located not too far from the markets.  Upon arriving, our room was not ready, as we arrived early.  While waiting, a station is set up to teach you how to create origami figures.  I had no success, however my travel family did quite well.  We finally were let into the room, and were amazed at how large it was.  It was equiped with 3 large beds, a seating area, and a mini fridge.  Showers and bathrooms were available outside of the room.

Our first site was Osaka Castle.