Month: November 2016

Piazza Navona

A square full of life and people are really happy This was a day where I stepped out of my AirBnB accommodations without a plan or direction.  I was in awe of this opportunity of being in a city, especially as iconic as Rome.  I kept saying to myself “I’m in Rome!”.  It was on of the many surreal moments during this European discovery tour. I decided to turn right, then left at major intersection.  Up a hill, down a street, and lo and behold, the coliseum.  What luck… but this is not what this post is about. After...

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A mecca of Fashion, Cuisine and Architecture Milan was an afterthought.  We decided on this stop over before we headed to Iceland.  One of the reasons for this stop was my travel partner wanted to purchase an item from Prada.  And what better place to purchase than Milan. For me, Milan was not a huge hit.  I personally am not one who appreciated designer wares.  I like to spend my money elsewhere.  Our first stop was Duomo di Milano.  We didn’t not go inside, as we were in shorts, and I was wearing a hat, besides there was a huge...

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